Triple Shakti is much more than a yoga retreat. It's a celebration of womanhood! 


Dance like no-one is watching, Sing to have your true voice heard, Be grounded by mother earth and Come to life with your sisters.

The 2020 program is not out yet but.... Have a look below at the goodness that was presented in 2019 just for some divine inspiration :-). The 2020 schedule will be published closer to the event's date...

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Join the 2020 Triple Shakti Gathering in Australia.


To become a goddess?

It takes all the courage we’ve got.

It happens in the hardship. The screaming, the howling, the tiny whispers of truth, the trying something new, in leaping the leaps we didn’t think we could take.

It happens in swaying our hips with crisp, spiralling sensuality, and re-claiming every ounce of our sexy, succulent, complicated, and deliciously wise, mysterious selves.

It happens in asking for what we want and knowing, unquestionably, what we deserve.

It happens in feeling our feelings—pain, jealously, hurt, heartbreak, joy, anger, excitement—-yes, all of ’em. No exceptions.

Sarah Harvey