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What Sisters said about Triple Shakti 2018


An incredible opportunity to share love and laugh with a truly amazing group of women - Janey

Your choice of these amazing women made Triple Shakti stand out with unique difference - Lisa

Anneriek, you are so beautiful, an amazing magical woman, thank you so so much for your creation and vision, brining and sharing Triple Shakti with us all, and brining us such a magical wise and beautiful team together for all of us, you really couldn't of gotten a more magical heart opening team, you women were meant to be just as all us sisters together were meant to be so thank you thank you thank you. - Danielle


Thank you Anneriek, the whole Triple Shakti team and the magical gathering of the tripleshakti tribe that came together. Wow it really was such an incredible weekend. We are all blessed to have come together for all that manifested and will continue to unravel and create. Just beautiful. Think I speak for everyone when I say you really did feel the love that ran through each and every detail from all of the incredible teaching, sharing to the love infused amaze balls food.  Thank you beautiful sisters. You are all truely amazing creative souls - Cherie


Thank you my dear dear friend. It was amazing. So much love for you and all the other amazing women who have inspired me - Amanda


So amazing Anneriek, Triple Shakti absolutely nailed it. - Lisa

Congratulations on shining so much light, love and empowering goddesses - Jolan


Thank you, I can't even begin to describe how I am still feeling. You ladies have left an imprint on my heart forever and i will be truely forever grateful.  To all the sisters WOW, and from the bottom of my heart thank you for you guys allowing us to all shine like the crazy diamonds we are - Judith

Triple Shakti personally made me feel inspired toward my own journey that I've been stagnating with an procrastinating within myself - Lisa


Thank you Thank you Thank you all the beautiful sisters who shared their hearts over the weekend!!! May the bliss continue to fill our hearts and everyone around x - Tara

Thank you thank you thank you wow to an amazing powerful and full heart felt weekend, so much gratitude and love for each and everyone of our sisters xxx - Danielle


Living your true dharma. Every cell in my body says THANK YOUUUUUU Anneriek so happy I met you and all these other goddesses!!!!! Keep them coming (after you have had a rest and a massage and some chocolate) loved Deya Dova - Katy

You gorgeous soul, Anneriek. I’m feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful with a beautiful shift manifesting. Thank you for bringing me to the tribe this weekend and sharing some unique experiences, you’re amazing! Namaste - Lisa 


It was an amazing weekend, so grateful to be part of this beautiful event, thank you Anneriek for an amazing job and all the other facilitators and all the gorgeous women who came along - Michelle


There were 7 sisters that came down from the Central Coast to share in some Shakti Energy also - Susan


Thank you again, Anneriek and the amazing goddesses who made the magic of the Triple Shakti retreat!! We loved it xx - Leonie


What an incredible line up of women! :) - Nicole


You're all amazing women who have shared you love passion and divine wisdom.  There was no judgement but space for truth, something magic happened, there was space for being seen and feeling heard.  It was really special…in one moment, one weekend..we all became at ONE xx Thank you doesn't seem enough.  Blessings to you all XX - Lesley 


Yes to this magical life. Bless and Bliss to all of us who created this divine space x - Tara


Amazing heartfelt beautifully put together weekend to celebrate womanhood and honouring all that stands for, thank you feeling blessed and much more lighthearted - Tanya


I loved having the chance to connect with such amazing women. And of course dancing to Dirty Diane=a by MJ was a total highlight. Thank you so much Anneriek Favelle for creating this space for us. - Emma

Thank you beautiful sister for all your sexy smoking powerful love energy and wisdom.  I am forever grateful xx - Linda


Every single sister at Triple Shakti co-created an incredible safe space of nurturing, development - thank you Tam


Full embodiment of womanhood! This retreat had the perfect blend of presenters and workshops to give a holistic experience.  It has allowed me to fully embody my body, my connection with my womb and that divine feminine energy that naturally flows through me.  The entire retreat was held in a sacred space, allowing me to express all parts of me, to open up to my vulnerability, to move my body and connect with that divine sacral embodied feminine energy. Thank you - Belinda


It was a beautiful weekend shared with an amazing bunch of women.  The presenters were exceptional and Anneriek is clearly doing what she is meant to be doing.  I loved my time @ Triple Shakti. Marja & Mel

Triple Shakti was a heightened gathering on multiple levels in a space that brought the tribe together in all senses - Lisa